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Content Marketing

Content marketing leverages copywriting and content creation to attract more visitors to your website and to make your website’s content more useful to them. The types of material used in content marketing include blog posts, articles, ebooks, white papers, case studies, graphic design, and videos.

This content is distributed and published on high-value websites and websites frequently visited by a company’s target market.

No digital marketing strategy is complete without a strong content marketing component. This is because content marketing is responsible for both helping to drive traffic to your website and for providing compelling copy and materials to convert that traffic once it has arrived onsite. Content marketing is usually at its most powerful when it is combined with search engine optimisation. In some industries, it is also strongly compatible with organic social media strategies.

The type of content marketing your business needs depends on your industry and business goals. Find out what the best strategy for your business is by requesting a free digital marketing and website review.

Content marketing generates leads and sales for your business. Leveraging a good content marketing strategy both drives traffic to your website and converts it when it gets there.

The articles you read on newspaper websites are (probably) content marketing. These sites cover the news, but they also publish content created or sponsored by businesses like yours.

They tell humorous and inspiring stories, they explain how things work and they contain funny videos and images that you immediately want to share with your friends. Each one shines a spotlight on the business responsible for creating it.

Content marketing increases brand awareness. The more your business is featured, the more people know how great it is. The more stories you tell about your brand, the greater the emotional attachment people have to it.

The more you showcase your business’s high-quality and deep industry knowledge, the more trusted your brand becomes.

The greater the connection the reader has with the article they’re reading, the more likely they are to visit your website or consider visiting it the next time they need your products or services.

Content marketing helps websites to rank at the top of Google too. Each mention and each link back to your website will help your search engine optimisation campaign.

Your content marketing campaign will be worked on by our Content Marketing Team and overseen by your dedicated Project Manager.

Your campaign will have a dedicated Content Marketing Specialist who will write and promote your content. All work will be edited and approved by our in-house Editorial Team before use.

We will select the person to write the content for your campaign — your Content Marketing Specialist based on their knowledge of your industry or their ability to learn about your business and industry quickly.

Your Project Manager will oversee your content marketing campaign. Your Project Manager will be your champion within the campaign, working alongside the Content Team to achieve your goals.

Your Project Manager will update you regularly on what the Content Marketing Team is working on and what they’ve achieved each month.

You’ll be able to speak to your Project Manager using a call and email schedule that works for you.

Each month, you’ll also receive a report that outlines what has been completed and a progress update on your campaign goals. This report is bespoke and unique to your business, rather than a PDF exported from some expensive agency tool.

So you can stay updated with your campaign’s growth, we will also provide you with a live dashboard that monitors your website’s traffic, leads or sales daily.

Our Content Marketing Team has written content for hundreds of businesses in dozens of industries. Our Specialists can write for a wide range of sectors — existing and emerging.

Our writers are adept researchers and can learn about new industries quickly. This task is easier when businesses in new industries provide training documentation. However, our team is phenomenal at sourcing and researching material to learn from.

Our specialists are so good at researching and writing about new industries that we find they are frequently recognised for this within the industries that they write for. 

Content marketing is not a route to overnight success. But we’re not in the business of selling ‘get rich quick’ schemes. We match our clients with content marketing strategies that will deliver consistent and sustainable growth.

As content takes time to create, publish and promote, the resulting increases in traffic, leads or sales may not be felt immediately.

Content created for your website — with the aim of ranking high in Google for search queries used by your target audience — can take time to see returns, as content can take between six to 12 months to see high ranking positions in Google. However, when the content does rank at the top, it tends to retain that position — and the traffic that comes with it — for a long time.

Content marketing centred around digital PR or outreach can see faster results. By working with publishers and influencers, content can be published to raise the profile of a business quickly. This will increase brand awareness and referral traffic. Increased brand awareness will then contribute to an increase in branded search engine traffic.

Typically the best content marketing strategies combine both improvements and new content on your website as well as outreach. The two strategies, combined with SEO, lead to an increase in website traffic. Typically the first signs of positive results begin to show at around 6 months with the real results starting between 6 and 12 months into a campaign. The work of a good SEO and content marketing campaign is never ‘done’, as your website and digital content should be considered a living and breathing thing that evolves over time, just like your business.

If your business needs an increase in converting traffic in a shorter time then, pay-per-click advertising — such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads — would be best.

We can’t make promises that we’ll get you published by specific publications. Any agency that does is (probably) using some backchannels to get their clients mentioned on or linked to by those publishers — something we know Google watches out and penalises websites for.

Instead, we focus on creating great work that has earned our existing clients mentions in high-profile publications.

Content marketing campaigns can be successfully run in-house, and indeed we run ‘hybrid’ style campaigns with some of our clients where we search engine optimise the content that they produce in-house.

As with any marketing activity, the main question to ask is ‘what will produce the best ROI for my business?’. Content writing in itself is a skill, but within this, we consider there to be several other areas of talent and training that are required.

For content that is going onto your website, it should be search engine optimised as well as written to sell your product or service. This requires excellent sales writing skills but also search engine optimisation knowledge. Without the combination of writing that sells and SEO knowledge copy can fail to convert or fail to be found in the first place.

A common mistake we see businesses make in our marketing reviews is the ‘scattergun’ approach. This is the temptation to use someone’s writing talent to produce tons of untargeted and unfocused content and ‘seeing what sticks’. Whilst some of this content may well rank, this scattered approach is almost never the fastest route to a return on investment.

To build high-quality backlinks to your website that are created with genuine and unique content also requires writing skills, but in addition, a good outreach specialist will also need excellent research skills, strong networking and pitching skills to secure opportunities with publications, negotiation skills to get the best features and prices, and regular access to consistent and up-to-date training. This is achievable in-house, however many clients find that they would prefer to have their in-house team focused on only the things that they can do and that time-consuming and high-skilled projects like outreach are left to our expert team who spend every working day doing what they do best.

With our detailed experience of hundreds of marketing campaigns, and research into thousands more, the ‘knowledge base’ your team at Lobitech has to draw from is far greater than any one single person would usually have access to within an in-house team.

At Lobitech, we invest a great deal of time and money into our specialists’ tools and training, which is often not the sort of support that internal content writers receive.

For these reasons, many businesses choose to call in our experts to drive targeted traffic to their website and to generate the targeted traffic and leads that they are looking for.

Online Display Advertising

Display ads are a popular form of paid advertising that companies use to generate leads. These types of ads appear at the top, on the side, and in the middle of web content on almost every website. Display ads come in many forms — one display ad can be a mix of images, audio, video, and text.

It’s easy to get lost in the marketing campaign metrics. Many businesses are not sure how the views or impressions of a display ad contribute to the success of their campaign. Depending on your goals and audience reach, our digital marketing experts will work with you to make sure you have the right reporting in place to see the results and Return On Investing you’re expecting.

It’s important to remember that some results take time to see, especially if your business is new to digital marketing. Ultimately, your digital advertising campaigns should be working to increase your online visibility, website traffic, and online requests for quote.

Digital marketing campaigns and online display ads are designed to drive traffic to your website. If your website isn’t designed for lead generation, you may not be keeping users’ attention and there’s a high possibility they’re going to your competitor’s website. Web design that’s effective attracts visitors, keeps them on your website, and encourages them to convert.

On average, 8 to 10 brand impressions are necessary before someone will remember your company — display ads help people do exactly that plus, encourage people to visit your website where they will hopefully convert to a lead. Display advertising reaches more than 90% of prospective customers on the internet — and on, display advertising performs better than the industry average.

The main difference between display and search ads is intent. The display network creates demand while search ads answer to the demand. Display ads are quite common, and they face less competition and are less expensive than search ads.

It depends on your business, but we don’t recommend placing all your online advertising budget into one basket. It’s important to remember that wherever your target audience spends the most time on is where you should be too — so you should disperse your advertising budget accordingly.

Our Online display advertising solutions on include a mix of contextual ads, complementing ads, and category ad targeting. Additionally, provides Category Audience retargeting designed to follow your prospects across the web, serving them your ads on the websites they visit each day. We’ll help you determine which display ads will work for your company.

Online Leads With A Company Profile

Connect with targeted audience.

Reach more qualified buyers in three simple steps with your free Company Profile.

  • Claim: Create a Company Profile, or manage your existing profile on
  • Optimise: Add capabilities, certifications, contact info, photos, and get discovered by buyers.
  • Analyze: Dive into your Analytics Dashboard to review buyer intent data & other metrics.

You can upgrade to a registered subscription directly in your account by clicking upgrade link at the top of your profile.

With a premium subscription on, you’ll be able to receive leads directly from prospective customers. You’ll also be able to identify the specific prospects viewing your company profile — think of it as a prospect list for your sales team to follow up on! See what else you can get with a registered or verified subscription.

What’s included in a free Company Profile on

With a free Company Profile on you can:

  • Manage your company profile content
  • Add team members
  • View your company analytics with activity overview metrics
  • Classification in limited core categories
  • Basic positioning in limited categories

Get access to more features and a higher listing with a Premium Subscription.

Yes! We do offer a free subscription on for company profiles. Check out the different subscription options we offer here.

Newsletter Advertising Campaigns

Promote Your Business in Newsletter Advertising Campaigns, Targeted Advertising in Daily Newsletter. Newsletter is a daily email newsletter that compiles the best content from Insights and reaches 15,000+ active subscribers.

Readers turn to for actionable information to successfully lead their businesses, find new prospects, partners, and market their product and services. Each email newsletter features, randomly chosen listing, video and multiple articles focused on different topics.

Whether your goal is to increase your brand reach, highlight new capabilities, launch a product, or announce an expansion or acquisition, companies can choose from three advertising options in our email newsletter to meet their needs.

Spotlight Article – Can include video content which our data shows drives the highest level of engagement. Do you have a new video of your factory tour or product that you’d like to increase awareness on?

Promoted Content – Leverage your own company content to gain brand exposure and drive a targeted audience to your own website.

Company Announcement – Promote your company’s latest news in a press-release-style article to target audience-based on their preference.

Spotlight articlecould be a new video of your factory tour or product and services that you’d like to increase awareness on.

  1. Our technical writers and industry experts will collaborate with you to create a Question and Answer style article that will increase your brand exposure and drive traffic to your website.
  2. All Spotlight Articles are promoted to all our subscribers and the content is permanently added to and your company profile.

Do you have strong, original content that you want to get in front of our audience?

Use your own unique content — a blog, landing page, online guide, etc. — and promote it in our email newsletter to gain brand exposure and target audiences.

Do you want to take advantage of our targeted audience to promote your brand?

Our writers will create and promote your company’s latest news in a press-release-style article that will direct readers to either your company profile or your website.


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